Legislative updates

State lawmakers introduced SB 612, a bill that reforms the prior authorization and step therapy/fail first process by introducing new transparency, fairness and clinical validity requirements, ensuring patients receive timely coverage decisions, and ultimately, the care and treatment they need.

Senate Bill 612, also known as the Health Can't Wait bill, will be part of a second hearing of the Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020 at 1 pm.

Please consider contacting your legislators and let them know that prior authorization and step therapy requirements by insurance companies are delaying and denying healthcare. 
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UPDATE Feb. 6, 2020:
The  hearings on SB 612 by the Senate Committee on Health Policy & Human Services have been very successful in educating the committee members and public about the challenges with current prior authorization and its impact on access to health care. Patients have shared compelling personal stories on how these current practices are delaying and denying care.  We hope continued patient stories will move the needle for successful discussions and negotiations in the coming weeks. - Kevin McKinney, MOA Governmental Liaison